Why the Mumtaza Bureau?

Women, and particularly Women of Colour (WOC), are severely underrepresented, globally, across all spheres of power. Women of Colour suffer uniquely from the unconscious biases that affect all our interactions: research has shown this has led to WOC being rendered invisible, and this is keenly felt in critical decision-making domains. 

The Mumtaza Bureau's two-pronged approach is simple.

Firstly, we help corporates and events find speakers who will bring unique and valuable perspectives to their next event by connecting them to the voices they have been missing.

Secondly, we empower women of colour in diverse sectors and industries through training, mentoring and support.  This ensures all our speakers are best placed to contribute their insights and are building their capacity by being Mumtaza Bureau speakers. 

Tackling biases and the unequal reality we live in requires a complex web of social change solutions.  Mumtaza Bureau is one strand, doing its part to weave a better future. 

Join our Community

Mumtaza Network is a business community for Women of Colour (WOC). Our mission is to normalise the presence of WOC in positions of Power and Influence, aka POPI.

We do 3 things:

1. We give POWER to our members by facilitating career opportunities for them. 
2. We build the INFLUENCE of our members by sharing their stories.
3. We build CONFIDENCE in our members by hosting events and peer support programs.


Do you know a Woman of Colour who would be a great speaker?

Do you know a person who has a fantastic story that needs to be heard?

Want to help us build this fabulous #squad?

Nominate a woman of colour for the Mumtaza Bureau today. 



Who We Are

Yassmin Abdel-Magied


Yassmin Abdel-Magied 

Yassmin Abdel-Magied is the CEO and Founder of MUMTAZA.  The mechanical engineer and social advocate is an internationally sought-after speaker, after founding Youth Without Borders at the age of 16, and delivering a TED talk on unconscious bias. She published her first book, Yassmin's Story, aged 24, and her commentary has appeared in The New York Times, The Guardian, on the BBC and more.  She also hosts the TV show 'Australia Wide'.    

Yassmin is supported by her MUMTAZA co-founders: Sarah Agboola, Yan Ting Choong & Maeva Heim.